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Customer relationship is one of the most fundamental success factors for any business. While CRM software is an important first step toward this success, let’s face it, many organizations face a tough challenge with the effective planning and implementation of strategic CRM strategies.

According to multiple studies, anywhere from 20% to more than two-thirds of all customer relationship management software have either failed outright or not been able to live up to expectations. A survey by Forrester revealed a 47% failure rate!

At ATS, we have multi-discipline expertise in CRM software solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We provide the tools needed to help our clients implement and execute an effective CRM strategy, one which is fine-tuned to meet your organizations’ needs.

We have been working with market-leading customer relationship management platforms, and are nationally recognized by our partners, SugarCRM, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for our successful implementations of their platforms over a diverse client base.

Our Services

Before a business decides to implement a CRM system, it envisions the platform perfectly aligning with their service and sale processes, and executives being able to actively draw advanced analytics and reports from the system.

However, this is unlikely by simply installing CRM software. It’s important that organizations select the right tool for the job, and then ensure its properly aligned to their specific business needs and processes.

This is exactly what we at ATS have been doing for several years, delivering cost-effective and innovative CRM solutions to businesses and enabling them to balance the value they get from and bring to their customers.

At ATS, we are offering the following CRM services:

CRM Consulting – Design, Deploy, Support

Still don’t have a CRM? Or, do you have one that needs optimization or updating? Our architects will assist you in defining your unique needs and then identify ways to improve your organization’s performance through CRM. With us by your side, rest assured that your business processes will be designed, or redesigned, according to your strategy and vision.

CRM Implementation

At ATS, we combine the latest techniques and tools to migrate and integrate your emerging, historical and live data to your CRM environment from your existing systems. Our developers can easily create APIs and other plug-ins to interface with your CRM or to transfer data to it.

CRM Training

The specific customizations and array of functionalities your CRM system has to offer necessitates training sessions in order to provide you with the required knowledge to utilize the CRM system to its full potential. ATS delivers on-site trainings, after or prior to implementation, which is based on your specific needs and environment.

CRM Usage Enhancement

As with most business applications, a CRM improves, adapts and follows the evolution of your organization. Our experts will collaborate with you and your staff closely to enhance the usage and functionalities of your CRM. After conducting an in-depth survey, we will provide you a list of improvements that can be implemented productively and pragmatically for your organization.

Got Questions? Get In Touch! At ATS, we view ourselves as your dedicated partner. We believe it’s our mission to help your organization improve its performance, recoverability, availability and security, all while simultaneously remaining compliant with strict regulatory mandates.