Topup Recharge

About Client

The client is a leading global IP telecommunication services company offering end-to- end communication services and solutions to military segment, government entities, ISPs, NGOs, Oil & Gas companies and commercial businesses operating in grim areas around the world. With establishments in Africa, Europe, Middle East, West Asia and North America, client has a well-defined global presence to take up diverse programs from large multi-national networks to battlefield deployments.

Business Challenges

The client has a wide network of distributors and various channels through which it sells top ups offline to its customers. Hence, the client required a responsive website through which their users can subscribe for the internet plans or recharge their mobile phone credit online.

The client wanted an efficient system to provide mobile top-up and internet recharge plans and solutions to the US military based in Afghanistan. They required to integrate reliable online payment methods into their system like PayPal and credit card, but their main focus was on integrating the Milstar payment method that is widely used by military personnel. This system allows the US army man to go for easy mobile recharge through various service providers especially ROSHAN.


In order to provide online recharge service in Afghanistan only to the US military, Brainvire team planned to integrate DEERS authentication system which can restrict the access of the top-up portal only to the US military soldiers based on their identification. We planned to integrate the Milstar payment method which is the most popular mode of online payment for military personnel. Our client wanted to provide popular mobile top-up plans and recharge services and hence, we implemented a special mechanism in our system that allowed the military men to go for Roshan prepaid online recharge in Afghanistan.

As client wanted us to provide easy online recharge services in Afghanistan warzone, Brainvire team developed a mobile recharge website in such way that it could work well even when there is low bandwidth internet availability. While doing online recharge, there is possibility of recharge failure and hence, we developed a feature in the portal to provide that money back to client as well. Apart from this we built a system by which keep constant eye on the availability of the server and if they found that server is down then it will stop providing recharge for that service providers and alert the admin for the same.


  • Implementation of common APIs to provide support for all service providers
  • ROSHAN and ETISALAT Integration
  • Automated discount calculation
  • Implementation of DEERS authentication system for US military soldier identification
  • Periodical checking of the third-party server APIs for maximum success ratio of recharge
  • Integration of various online payment methods including Milstar
  • Developing a website that can work in spite of low bandwidth
  • Mapping currency of the user with currency in the system (rate conversion ratio)
  • Responsive and fast loading website development
  • Adding and management of multiple phone numbers for a single user and verification of phone numbers in phonebook
  • Setting the user restrictions by restricting access by IP range
  • Determining user’s current location based on IP address
  • Management of service providers and top up denomination
  • Centralized sales reporting system


  • Circle based mapping of recharge
  • Verification of Phonebook number using Twilio (API to send SMS)
  • Milstar payment gateway integration
  • Integration with Roshan and Etisalat
  • Automated rate conversion
  • Low Bandwidth optimization