B2C Personalized Retail

About Client

DHI Telecom Group is a leading IP telecommunication company catering its communication services to the government entities, NGOs, ISPs, Oil & Gas companies, Maritime industry and Telcos across the globe. The telecommunications firm serves the communication service requirements of various entities in Africa, Europe, Middle East, West Asia and North America. It has a well-established infrastructure to serve various programs from multi-national networks and resources to help with battlefield deployments as well.

Business Challenges

Client wanted to serve the military forces in Afghanistan warzone with online DTH recharge and internet service plans for IPTV. Hence, they required a responsive website which can be accessed by US military personnel in Afghanistan for easy digital TV recharge. They had a network of distributors and channels to sell their promotional DTH plans and internet plans for IP TV. But now they want to provide their customers with easy online services for internet and DTH online recharge.


Brainvire team implemented Symfony MVC architecture to encapsulate all the desired features into the DTH consumer portal of the client. User restriction to allow accessibility of this system to only the US military personnel was done with DEERS authentication system integration. Moreover, a Milstar payment gateway was integrated with this system to enable users in Afghanistan to easily pay the recharge amount through a payment method which is most familiar to them. Selevision is the popular DTH service provider in Afghanistan and our developers did a splendid job to integrate APIs with Selevision allowing the users to go for Selevision online DTH recharge.


  • Set top box mapping to customers
  • Automatic money back feature if recharge is unsuccessful
  • API integration with various service providers like Selevision
  • Implementing the recurring and one-time online payment options
  • Mapping main package with add-on packages


Front End Features

  • Easy browsing of the available IPTV recharge packages with channel lists
  • Readily accessible add on packages along with current packages
  • Integration of DEER authentication for US Military personnel identification
  • Easy Cart Management
  • Low bandwidth optimization for accessing website in spite of bandwidth problems in warzone


Admin Side Features

  • Managing IPTV recharge packages with channel lists
  • Mapping main package with add on packages
  • Restrict user access by IP range
  • Admin can recharge for user on their behalf
  • Periodic checking of third party server APIs to ensure their proper functioning for maximum system availability
  • Providing credits to users
  • Promo code management (Admin create promo code and share it with intended users and user can use it with strict rules)
  • Managing discounts and DTH offers
  • Milstar payment integration
  • Sales Reports generation and management
  • Email campaign management
  • Setting up the user permissions for system access


  • Successful implementation of APIs in spite of their poor documentation
  • Integrating APIs with Selevision allowing the users to go for Selevision online DTH recharge
  • Integrated exchange VUE as the DTH service provider
  • Website optimization for availability in low bandwidth situations
  • Allowed ISP package subscription from Aradial service provider
  • Successfully implemented the maximum system availability factor by enabling the system to keep an automated check on third-party servers for their working on a periodic basis.


  • Uninterrupted access to the website in spite of low bandwidth
  • Military personnel can go for easy browsing through various IPTV and ISP recharge packages, discounts and offers right from their mobile device
  • Military personnel can easily pay for the subscriptions through a payment of their choice like Milstar, PayPal, credit cards etc.
  • Money back ensured in case of recharge failure