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Do Locksmiths Need Better Field Service Software?

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June 27, 2016

As the manager or owner of a smaller or larger locksmith company, it might have come to your attention that your marketing efforts are not paying off as well as you would like them to. Maybe you have adopted the wrong branding strategy to begin with, and you failed to capture the very essence of your business. And prospects simply do not find you suitable enough for their needs. And they prefer your competitors, who seem to have better responding websites with lots of interactive features and fast technician dispatching services. What's their secret? Most likely, a mix of top-notch locksmith software, topped with excellent, skilled, and experienced teams of technicians that constantly go through training and advanced learning. So what is stopping you from embracing this approach?locksmith prices

Reasons Why You Need (Better) Locksmith Software

  • Locksmith software is an excellent tool that can be used by locksmiths specializing in all categories of services in order to do a better job at managing their business on a single platform. By having all of the aspects of their business cleverly gather under the same roof, managers should be able to focus better on their main activity.

  • Once the stress of having to handle a number of tasks that are not necessarily related to fixing locks or reprogramming transponder systems will be done, lock technicians will significantly improve their work.

  • In order to keep up with the latest advancements in the fields of security technology, locksmiths need to attend classes and get acquainted with the latest procedures, tools, and software used for picking locks or cutting keys. These specialization courses and constant updates should also help lower locksmith prices; customers will definitely appreciate the price cuts and the fact that locksmiths will take less time to get the job done. Thus, an excellent means of growing a business and attracting more prospects.

  • Good software for locksmith technicians can help office staff become more efficient when they need to dispatch mobile technicians. This will be achieved by dispatching the rightly skilled technician for the appropriate work. At the same time, the system should help your staff send over the closest locksmith to a customer's location.

  • Software that enables managers to keep a close eye on their business and the performance of their employees through reports is also highly recommended.

  • Locksmith software that can be installed in the form of mobile apps should enable technicians to see their work orders, watch their customer and equipment history, and offer more options to their customers. If a residential customer needs to beef up security on their property, they can be advised to re-key the old locks on their entryways, install higher superior locks, or consider installing home alarms with sensors 24/7 broadcasting cameras, and safety grills on the windows. They should be allowed to make a choice depending on their custom needs and budget.

  • Locksmith software should also enable technicians to accept payment in the field, and save precious time and energy while making bigger revenues.