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Why You Need Physical Security Measures To Back Up Your Data

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June 25, 2016

Needless to say data backup is crucial for ensuring proper levels of secure storage and business management on all levels. But mishandling backup data or managing it the wrong way is also prone to lead to disasters. Virtual backups are a must, but they do not suffice to maintain high levels of security for your important data. Virtual solutions also need to be strengthen with the help of practical, physical solutions. Here are a few pointers on how should the matter of virtual data backup be handled to ensure best results possible.

Virtual Backups Is Only Half The

  • The simple existence of a process that enables the successful replication of sensitive data for a business is not enough. You will need to make sure that your safety policies also include proper access control monitoring and physical monitoring systems that can be used in direct relation to data backups.

  • Professional car locksmith can help you decide upon the most efficient ways of putting physical safety solutions into practice. Authorized and experienced locksmiths services can efficiently assess all types of locks and the faults or vulnerabilities associated to them. And they can tell you exactly what you can do to lower the risks of having someone break into your office and take off with your server computers or backup hard-drives.

  • Your disaster recovery plan should also include details on your data backup. Employee break-ins or office burglaries could jeopardize or completely destroy your data backups. You will need to set up a clear plan that should outline exactly what need to be done in case something like this does occur to you.

  • Proper key management should be put into practice in order to ensure efficient access control in and around the building or commercial space. Successful key management cannot be well executed while there is a lack of a sufficient number of keys, including master keys and copies. In case of lockout emergencies, and other similar key matters, a locksmith service in the area should be immediately contacted.

  • Emergency locksmiths that handle 24 hour lockouts rely on special tools and software and they can usually pick any lock in a matter of a few minutes. You should be able to rapidly resume your activity soon after the incident and not have to worry about any damage caused to the respective door.

  • Access to backup software should only be granted to those persons who are authorized and entitled to become involved in the backup.

  • It is advisable to use a different storage location to store your backup data so that your original and backup data do not fall into the hands of thieves or are affected by fire or flood at the same time.

  • Instill proper access control to the room, vehicle, or office space you will use for storing your backup data.

  • Rely on fireproof safes that also have waterproof features. Talk to the vendors of your offsite storage services and see which security measures they offer.