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Advanced Security Solutions For Businesses

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May 30, 2016

Virtual or digital threats have created a great deal of fuss and concern around them during recent years. Since all businesses need to go online if they truly wish to be noticed and heard of, it is needless to say the threat is present into the lives of everyone running a business today.

And the general phenomenon has triggered the hardening of all IT infrastructure against these specific types of threats. But virtual security prevention measures are not the only ones that should be discussed when it comes to the safety of a business. There is also an imperative need for the fortification of physical business facilities. And one of the biggest problems in this regard comes from the fact that the majority of physical monitoring gear used is completely out-of-date, or inexistent.

Plus, businesses continue to rely on the old locks they had on the main entryways a few years ago, even though burglars have seemingly improved their “game” and are now capable of picking almost any lock in just a few minuets with a minimum set of improvised tools. So, it's time for some serious upgrades. Let us take a look at a few of the most important types of physical security measures that businesses can incorporate into their safety plans at the moment.

Keeping Up With The Dramatic Advancements In The Security Industry

  • All spectrums of physical security need to undergo serious assessments and changes in order to keep up with the more and more complex threats we are all facing nowadays. The advent of smart technologies has brought a great number of excellent benefits to our lives. We can not rely on facial or voice recognition systems to gain access into our properties, use HD recording cameras and broadcast live images to any remote location, and so on. While we are still holding on to the “classic” lock and key systems to keep our offices, stores, warehouses, and other commercial spaces protected against intruders, we are also allowed to opt for the electronic versions of these locks.

  • An expert locksmith who keeps up with the latest releases in the industry can easily recommend and fit any type of lock on a door, ranging from commercial grade deadbolt locks to mortise locks, electronic locks with access codes or fingerprint recognition and more. It all depends on your budget and specific security needs.

  • But we could be also referring to more advanced technologies and surveillance protocols such as responses to terrorism threats or workplace threats. Given the fact that it only takes one person to breach a think layer of security and cause a genuine disaster, it is essential to have the best prevention measures in place.

  • Companies need to closely work with lock re-key service near you and maintain all of their door and window, safe, storage rooms, or cabinet locks in pristine condition all the time.

  • You will also need to make sure that you have a powerful surveillance system in place, with the focus on HD cameras replacing the obsolete, black and white options.