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Physical Safety At Work And Its Physiological Impact On Employees

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May 27, 2016

Most managers and business owners choose to solely focus on investing their money into new software, tools, machinery, and equipment that can provide them with real, palpable, and practical results. But what most of them fail to grasp is the concept of human resources and the fact that the people are the single, most valuable asset any company has. An employee who does not feel safe at work, who is being harassed, stolen from, or who feels under threat every day will fail to complete his tasks effectively. Not to mention trying to run that extra mile for the team or the well-being of the business would be completely out of the question.

And while safety at the workplace should be a no-brainer, unfortunately, things tend to stand a little different in real life. Investing in new locks, powerful alarms and surveillance devices, intercom systems and panic buttons, hiring a local protection service and constantly refreshing work safety policies together with employees sound like SciFi to lots of employers.

What Is Physical Safety At The Job?key replacement service near me

  • Physical safety is defined as the act of managing all risks and hazards associated to a work environment in order to keep employees and workers safe from any form of physical harm. In other words, it means a business having the right kind of safety programs and fully incorporated security policies, committees, first aid and the list goes on.

  • Employers need to focus on minimizing the exposure to all known hazards and dangers and provide ongoing training for the personnel. All accidents need to be investigated accurately and on time.

What Is Psychological Safety?

  • The term refers to managing risks and hazards in order to keep employees safe from any form of psychological harm.

  • It refers to a sum of values ad work ethics, policies and practices that are capable of promoting respect, fairness, kindness, and other similar corporate culture components. All of these are necessary and vital for the psychological well-being of workers and employees at all levels of management and implication.

  • All conflicts and any other form of a difficult situation needs to be addressed fast and effectively, with the use of compassion and confidentiality. Safety must come first, and this is a notion that also needs to be addressed and successfully incorporated in the psychological safety policies of any business.

  • Physical safety goes hand in hand with employees' psychological experiences at the job. The safer and more at ease an employee feels, the better his incentives and rewards, the more positive the energy at the workplace, the more productive they will become. But an you imagine all that inside an office or a store that is frequently under the threat of burglary or other similar threats?

  • Managers and employers alike need to focus on finding the best people for the job of reinforcing physical security at the premises. Knowing a good keys replacement service near me might also help with finding a reliable commercial locksmith for business spaces. Companies like 24/7 Local Locksmiths offer the entire range of commercial, automotive, and residential services to customers in all states and remote areas. They also handle a 24 hour emergency service that should be used in times of lockouts and other lock and key emergencies.